Professional Resume Writing - Q & A
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Why Should I Have A Professional Write My Resume?

The Houston Chronicle put it simply "[Resume Writing] Guild creates modern resumes that put its clients at the top of the pile." New York Newsday echoed that "[Guild] helps job seekers get seen by employers and [gets them] called in for substantially more interviews." Remember: Some of the greatest figures in business history have long known that the best biographies are usually those written by someone other than the subject person. Simply put: You know yourself too well to write your own resume! You are too close to the subject matter to understand which things should be emphasized and which things should be cut. By hiring someone else to write your resume, you're creating space for a more objective look at your skills, your qualifications, and the assets you potentially offer to prospective employers. By hiring a professional resume writer, you're giving yourself the gift of having an advantage over other competing job candidates. A professional resume writer is capable of creating a POWERFUL document designed to showcase and say 'just the right things' to get employers interested in calling YOU in for interviews...There's no reason to risk precious time trying to do it yourself!

How Quickly Can You Write My Resume?

Most resumes are completed in 2-3 business days. Our standard turnaround is listed as 4 days to ensure that our team will have plenty of time to carefully review your background and create the most effective strategy for formulating your new resume. However, as you'll see on our secure order form, we also offer various options for expediting orders so as to guarantee turnarounds in as little as 24 hours.

How Do I Know Which Level Of Experience To Choose When Ordering?

Most clients require the "professional resume" level. If you're just starting out in the workplace--i.e. if you're a new graduate, you may then select "entry-level" instead. However, if you've worked for many years in one industry and are now transitioning to a new profession, you must select the "professional" level. Similarly, if you've been at-home for a number of years and are now returning to the workforce, you must still choose the "professional" level. This is because our writers will need to spend extra time creatively utilizing your background to craft a resume strategy that will hook the attention of employers for your return to the workforce or for your transition to a new career field. If you're in senior management or above, please select the "executive-level" service.
*NOTE: Select "executive-level" if you're having us write a CV for you at any level.

How Will I Receive My Resume?

Upon completion, your new resume will be e-mailed to you as an MS Word file. Additionally, it will be made available for you to download in our client services center--which you can log into via the user name/password fields found in the top right corner of any page on our site. On our order form, you may also request that we post your resume online for employers to view as a web page.

Can I View a Sample of Your Resume Writing Work?

In addition to the samples found on this site, you can e-mail us your current resume using the "contact" form and we'll send a reply within 1-2 days [usually much quicker]...Our response will outline samples & examples of some of the many things we will do to improve your resume when you order from us. Of course, we can't give away all of our trade secrets free of charge, but our email will definitely provide you with a good, representative "taste."

How Can I Communicate With the Resume Writer?

If you select either of our "career coaching" packages when ordering, then you will spend extensive time communicating with a professional resume writer & career coach via telephone. Otherwise, you will be able to correspond with your writer via our online client services center and via regular phone call if further information is needed.

Will You Revise Your Work ? What Are Your Guarantees?

We are the only resume writing company willing to guarantee that the resume we create for you will be 100% ERROR-FREE. If there's anything about our first draft that you don't like, let us know and we'll change it. If our second draft isn't FLAWLESS, then your resume is FREE! We further guarantee that a professional resume writer will create an excellent quality resume for you by the deadline specified. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, let us know what you feel needs improvement and we'll revise it anytime within 1 year---for no additional fee. Even if you need to add a bit of new won't be charged! We are the ONLY professional resume writing company with a one year "resume update guarantee!"

How Can I Get A Discount?

Once you've ordered, you'll be able to login into our client services center and easily manage your resume project 24 hours a day. You'll also find an option to 'refer a friend.'  Whenever you do successfully refer someone to our service, we'll pay you $20 by crediting that amount back to the credit card you originally used when ordering.  If you refer so many friends that the amount we owe you exceeds the amount you've paid for your resume, we'll mail you a check for the difference within 10 business days!